Black Employees File Class-Action Lawsuit Against CNN and Turner TBS

Multiple news sites report that Black Employees File Class-Action Lawsuit Against CNN and Turner TBS. This is very interesting considering that CNN is well known to be a very Liberal biased news agency that often calls out claims and questions of racism on others. It will be interesting to see what their coverage of this news will be. See below for more from the web.

MSN Reports:

CNN Faces Class-Action Suit Alleging Racial Discrimination

Internal data shows that African-Americans face a “glass ceiling” at CNN, according to a class-action lawsuit filed on Wednesday. The suit, filed in Atlanta, draws heavily on an internal HR Diversity Trends Report, which showed that men of color consistently received the lowest ratings on performance reviews. The report also found that the upper ranks of management were substantially less diverse than the company as a whole.

Though CNN and its parent, Turner Broadcasting, which is owned by Time Warner, have made efforts to diversify, the class-action suit alleges that once they are hired, African-Americans are held back by an unfair and arbitrary promotions process. The suit alleges that African-Americans must wait much longer for promotions, and make less than their white counterparts.

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The Daily Beast reports:

Black Employees File Class-Action Lawsuit Against CNN

A group of black CNN employees have announced they they will file a class-action lawsuit against the network, Turner Broadcasting, and Time Warner, claiming racial discrimination. The suit reportedly alleges that employees suffered from abuse of power, nepotism, and retaliation at the hands of the powerful cable network. Attorney Daniel Meachum said in a press release that an initial suit filed by DeWayne Walker led to uncovering the further discrimination claimed in the class-action filing. Walker, a producer, sued CNN in January. It is not yet clear which other employees are involved in the suit.

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