Illegal Immigrant that was a FBI Ten Most Wanted Captured in LA

Federal authorities in Los Angeles took a man believed to be Marlon Jones, one of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted,” into custody on Friday, the day after he was placed on the list for a fatal shooting at a birthday party in October, the agency said.

Authorities believe Jones was born in Jamaica and is in the United States illegally and has a long criminal history, the FBI said. As to any questions as to why he was never deported the FBI has provided no comment about that.

Marlon Jones was known to be a member of a Jamaican narcotics ring and stands accused of fatally shooting four people in LA.
“Jones has violent tendencies and may attempt to flee internationally,” the FBI said. ” He has ties to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Tennessee, the Virgin Islands and Jamaica.”

Jones was wanted in connection with an early-morning shootout with another rival gang on October 15 that left four people dead and 10 wounded at a Los Angeles-area house that was being used as a unlicensed restaurant, the FBI said in a statement.

Police said the shooting happened late in the night of October 15 in a house that contains a Jamaican restaurant south of the Santa Monica Freeway, near the Crenshaw neighborhood.

Jones attended a rival gang’s celebration, where he shot someone in the head, the FBI said. Other people started shooting and the violence ended with four people dead and at least 10 wounded, the FBI said.
Los Angeles authorities then charged Jones with four counts of murder. Federal authorities charged him with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

The suspect was captured during a pursuit, the agency’s field office in Los Angeles said on Twitter, no other details were provided on his arrest. The FBI are providing no additional comments.

Jones was placed on the agency’s “Ten Most Wanted” list on Thursday, becoming the 510th person to be placed on the list since it was created in 1950, the FBI said.

Jones has used various aliases, birthdays and birthplaces, according to the FBI.

Some of his aliases are Rasheen Brantley, Floyd Evans, Floyd Evans Jr., Anthony Howard, Philip L. Schepacarter, Anthony Winter, Anthony Wynter and “Junior,” the FBI said.

Story Credits – General Web, CNN, MSN